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Princess River Cruises
Yes we are governed by the Governments Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA). Staff training is carried out on a regular basis throughout the year.
Guests concerned about the presence of allergens in their food must ask a member of office staff for advice, before pre-ordering their meal choice.
Yes, we do have disabled access and welcome wheelchair users on to both of our vessels. As of mid April 2017, our stunning brand new River lodge departure point will also have a disabled WC. Please however note that for safety reasons, we do not allow wheelchairs on to the top deck of the Nottingham Princess and that electric wheelchairs are too heavy for our staff to handle on to the boat as well as too large to make the turn down the entrance corridor of our boats. Please also bear in mind that the WC doors are not wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Our staff are as always, willing to help should you require assistance. We also restrict the total number of wheelchair bound passengers to 6 per cruise.
Unlike other river operators we operate all year round, giving you the customer the chance to see all the changing seasons in comfortable surroundings.
Whilst the booking staff endeavour to provide an idea of where on the river we are able to cruise, the route on the day is always decided by the Captain of the vessel. In deciding the route the Captain will take the weather, any safety issues and river traffic into account.
Subject to the date being available, the vessel is available for private charter 52 weeks of the year, day or night. Versatility is our aim! People pleasing is our game!
The simple answer is yes, as of mid April 2017 our stunning brand new river lodge with bar, kitchen, reception room, ample parking space all set in a beautiful countryside location will be available for hire. Please contact us for a private viewing.
A minimum party size can range from 1 to 150. In fact we pride ourselves in giving all our customers the chance to enjoy the "princess river cruise" experience without being tied to a minimum party size.
The minimum age for passengers allowed on an evening party cruise is 18 years old with valid photo id. Sundown Carvery and Candlelit cruises excepted.
Our Passenger capacity on the Nottingham Princess is 150 passengers. However, for formal sit down lunch or dinner events we would recommend a maximum of 110 passengers for the Nottingham Princess.
A great question! We have a fully stocked bar/s on both vessels. Competitively priced and manned by professional and attentive staff.
Yes all of our evening cruises have a disco and a resident DJ. A wide variety of entertainment can be provided to suit any mood or occasion.
Unfortunately, we do not have the license to allow a marriage ceremony to be carried out on board our vessel. You would however welcome to arrange a separate blessing on board the vessel with a minister of your own choice.
Yes there is ample parking for cars and coaches at each of our vessels departing points.
Our vessels are purpose built for river cruising and provide a stable environmentally friendly platform. Both rivers are non-tidal and are as smooth as the proverbial mill pond.
Smart casual is the norm, although some functions may require a specific dress code. It is advisable to wrap up warm should you wish to take the night air on the open decks. Ladies, please remember that you are on a boat and in this regard we recommend that you wear sensible footwear, if in doubt, feel free to ask our office staff for further guidance.
Our River lodge bar and reception room is a modern lodge style building with stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside, perfect to meet up and relax with a pre-cruise drink or two.
We hope that you never have cause to complain but if you do, please report your complaint to the First Officer on the boat to ensure that there is a record of your complaint. If the staff are unable to satisfactorily deal with your complaint on the boat, then please feel free to email or write a letter to us . Our email address is [email protected] and our postal address can be found on the website. Once a full investigation has taken place, a manager of the company will respond to your complaint in writing. Please note that a complaint cannot be escalated further than the management team of the company and their decision is final.
Unfortunately not. Our venue is subject to current licensing laws and we operate a Challenge 21 policy on both of our vessels.
2. A provisional reservation is accepted and held for a period of SEVEN DAYS. If confirmation and the booking deposit are not received within this period, the reservation will not be regarded as valid and may be cancelled. A deposit payment by the hirer shall be deemed as agreement to the booking form terms & conditions contained herein. If the reservation is made within two weeks of the date reserved, the total fee is required.
3. The balance of monies due for the supply of goods and services is payable FOURTEEN DAYS prior to the date reserved. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if these terms are not adhered to.
4. All instructions concerning the supply of food, wine, drinks, etc. must be in writing at the time of booking. Instructions will only be accepted up to FOURTEEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE RESERVED. No alterations are accepted after that date.
5. Hirers wishing to run a bar account must be specific concerning exclusions, i.e. double measures, certain drinks, etc. Clients running bar and wine accounts must settle their accounts before leaving the boat. The Vessel Is a Licensed Premises and If Passengers Are Lucky Enough To look Under The Age Of 21, The Vessel Crew Reserve The Right To Ask For Current Photographic Proof Of Age Prior To Boarding The Vessel Or Serving An Alcoholic Beverage. Acceptable Forms of ID Are Passport, Driving License, Validate Card, Or a Citizen`s Card. It is the responsibility of the hirer to inform us of the possibility of under 18`s in the party. Endeavour Northern Ltd reserve the right to accept/decline a booking at the discretion of the management. Current licensing law will apply in this regard.
6. Clients may not provide their own entertainment, bands excepted, provided, that the musicians and personnel adhere strictly to the Captain’s instructions regarding all applicable laws. Musicians must be included in the maximum number of passengers allowed. In no circumstances will Endeavour Northern Ltd be responsible for the settlement of musician`s fees which are the responsibility of the hirer. Clients supplying their own band must satisfy a Performing Rights Society fee of £50.00 and supply all of their own equipment including amplifiers, speakers, decks and all the relevant cables and leads. All equipment must have a current up to date PAT Test Certificate.
7. Where transport or any services by third parties are arranged by Endeavour Northern Ltd on behalf of and at the request of the hirer, this is done purely as a courtesy. In no circumstances will Endeavour Northern Ltd be responsible for reliability or standard of service booked on behalf of the Hirer or for circumstances beyond the control of Endeavour Northern ltd.
8. Hirers’ own wine can be accommodated for one welcome drink or one toast only but a corkage fee of £8.00 per 70cl bottle and £12 per 70cl bottle of champagne will be charged. This must be pre-arranged upon booking and settled with the final balance.
9. In the interests of Health & Safety, Endeavour Northern Ltd reserves the right to limit the number of young children travelling on board our vessels. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Company rules and conditions will apply in this regard. The Hirer is advised to check with the booking office prior to confirming a booking. It is the responsibility of the hirer to contact the bookings office for guidance on wheelchair bound passengers. Further information can be found on our website under FAQ`s “Do you have disabled access?”
10. Animals are not allowed on board under any circumstances (guide dogs excepted).
11. CANCELLATION BY THE HIRER: ANY DEPOSIT OR BALANCE PAID UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT ARE NON- REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE. Endeavour Northern Ltd reserves the right to reassign any vacancies that may arise due to the hirer decreasing their party numbers, despite the pre-requisite of a deposit being paid. The hirer is liable for the balance of the hire fee and the cost of any goods or services reserved on the hirer`s behalf should cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, take place during the four weeks prior to the date reserved. We may, however, at our discretion, consider a credit or partial credit note for a cancelled booking that is a direct result of a failure on our part to provide all, or part of the services booked.
12. Occasionally there will be factors or events which are beyond the reasonable control of Endeavour Northern Ltd. These events can include, but not be limited to, fire, floods, strong winds, fog, pandemics, epidemics or similar events, war, strikes, acts of third parties, unforeseen technical problems, or any other act of God, often referred to as force majeure events. If such events render it unsafe or impossible to provide the services booked by the hirer, we will not be liable to you as a result. Endeavour Northern Ltd will not refund any deposit or balance already settled. We will act fairly and reasonably by providing the hirer a credit or partial credit note for the element of the booking not provided, or, if it is impossible to provide any element of the services booked, an offer of an alternative date on which to re-schedule a like for like booking will be made. Alternative dates will be subject to availability.
13. Neither Endeavour Northern Ltd nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, illness, accident or delay to persons embarked or their possessions howsoever caused, whether sustained on board the vessel or at the River Lodge or whilst embarking or disembarking. Passengers use the vessel and River lodge facilities including but not limited to steps, gangway, landing stages, car parking facilities etc., at their own risk. Wearing sensible footwear is recommended whilst on board the vessel (contact the booking office for further guidance).
14. Endeavour Northern Ltd may, at the discretion of the Captain, vary the course of the voyage should circumstances so necessitate. Endeavour Northern Ltd does not warrant that the vessel will commence or complete any journey or part thereof in any given time. Whilst Endeavour Northern Ltd will endeavour to conform to the reasonable requests of the hirer, of which the Captain shall alone be the sole judge, Endeavour Northern Ltd accepts no liability for loss, inconvenience, damage or injury for the failure to convey any member of a party howsoever caused.
15. The Captain is in sole charge of the vessel at all times and all passengers are under their jurisdiction whilst on board. Any person behaving in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace or in a manner likely to cause danger to the safety of the vessel, themselves or other persons, will be requested to disembark. Should the client have any cause for complaint the Captain must be notified before the end of the voyage, complaints will not be investigated unless so notified.
16. Illegal substances, threatening and abusive language or ill behaviour will result in the vessel being docked at the earliest convenience and the offender(s) being escorted from the boat. Any violence will result in the termination of the cruise and will be liable to prosecution of the offending person(s).
17. The hirers shall make good and/or pay for all losses, damage or breakages to any fixtures, fitting, machinery or equipment, particularly safety equipment, e.g.: lifebuoys deliberately thrown overboard and subsequently lost during the Hirers period.
18. Any imagery taken by company representatives may be used in promotional material unless specifically notified otherwise in writing.
19. Occasionally, due to a private party in the building, the facilities at River Lodge boarding point will not be available to vessel passengers. On these occasions the bookings office will advise if an alternative departure point is required, or, make the facilities available on the vessel prior to the official boarding time.
20. Endeavour Northern Ltd reserves the right to increase advertised prices due increases which are beyond our reasonable control.
Existing bookings excepted.
As of January 2022 we will continue to follow the Government guidelines and until otherwise notified to the contrary, our cruises will operate without any Covid related restrictions. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund passengers any monies paid to us for Covid related illness prior to a cruise date. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for further information.
We do not allow the hirer to supply their own entertainment by way of DJ or their own catering or drinks. We hope you understand that this is part and parcel of how we earn a living and is not negotiable.
We can never guarantee a route on the cruise as there are too many variables to consider like wind, river flow and river traffic. The Captain will decide the route 10 minutes prior to departure taking into account the aforementioned factors.